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ALL Lives Matter!

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We are a nonprofit that help with Prevention of all kinds,ALL LIVES MATTER we believe with God, Outreach and collaboration we can provide Resources and Education to help people prevent and recovery from homelessness, Abuse, Human Trafficking,Mental Breakdowns, Incarceration and Gun Violence etc.

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I met Michael in a Boston subway station. I told him I liked his sign. “What matters is what it means to you,” he told me.

I asked what it meant to him. “Doing a deed or expressing kindness to another person without expecting anything in return,” Michael said.

I love approaching strangers wherever I go. Listening and talking to them teaches you about people and how similar we all are to one another. Just like Michael, we’re all seeking human kindness.

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To  Empower All with God word by using Coaching and Mental Health Outreach to deliver resources and tools to prevent the unknown that is waiting to happen. .

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Who We Are

A.L.M All Lives Matter !
We are a nonprofit that has Outreach to helps with of all kinds of Programs,
Child Protection, Economic Growth,Ending Abuse and Human Trafficking, Clean Water, Disability Rights,Education,Animal Welfare, Justice and Human Rights, Mental and Physical Health.
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